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Black Widow Monocore Suppressor in 300 Blackout
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Hardened Arms Black WidowTM Monocore Suppressor in 300 Blackout utilizes a fully serviceable monocore technology tuned for 300 Blackout. The 300 Blackout cartridge is a unique round that allows the shooter to choose between supersonic and subsonic ammunition depending on their mission. The Black WidowTM is designed to be pinned to a 10.5" 300 Blackout barrel bringing the total barrel length past 16". This compact pinned package allows for the upper to be run on a rifle lower without needing two tax stamps because it qualifies as a rifle ($200 ATF tax stamp required for suppressor).

    User Serviceable Monocore Design
    Sound Reduction: 37 dB (Subsonics)
    Caliber: 300 Blackout Supersonic and Subsonic only, .308, 7.62x39
    Full Auto Rated
    Length:  7"
    Diameter: 1.6"
    Weight:  24oz
    Material: 4150 Steel Alloy
    Finish: Melonite
    Mount: Direct Thread (5/8x24)

For Barrels:
    10.5" or longer 300 BLK

The Black Widow design began it's life in the mind of the Owner of Hardened Arms as a challenge to create an effective and reasonably priced suppressor for the 300 Blackout caliber. The suppressor can be threaded and pinned and is monocore design made for ease of use for the operator. This suppressor has been thoroughly abused by the employee's here both semi and full auto in multiple calibers and it has stood the test of time.  We have abused and then abused some more to see how it would stand up against the grains of time and were amazed at the fact we were not able to break it - no matter what we did.  For .308, .300 Blackout and 7.62x.39
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