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Pepper Pot 5/8x32
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The new Pepper Pot muzzle device is a stylish flash hider designed to disburse muzzle gases through  vents in a radial pattern. 

Hardened Arms starts with the highest quality American made steel (4140 CMV) and machines the Pepper Pot to the most stringent of tolerances. Treated with Sodium Nitride that bonds at the molecular level, the coating we use is 3 times stronger and more durable than chrome.

The 5/8x32 threads are Milspec or better to insure a perfect fit. Hardened Arms(TM) Pepper Pot has the advantage of not needing to be timed upon installation. This thread fits our .458 and most .300 Beowulf barrels.

Thread: 5/8x32 (Ideal for the .458 Big Bore and 50 Beowulf)
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