CrucibleTM Modular Heat Shield
The Crucible(tm) Heat Shield is patent pending and available as a complete system on our 7", 10", 12" and 15" screw mount HD Quad rails with a version coming soon for the SDX(tm) Hardened Arms Handguard. The product includes the heat shield, rail extension, mounting sleeve, screws, jam nut, rail mounted handstop and a Crucible(tm) muzzle brake. The Crucible(tm) Heat Shield Rail Extension is a factory mounted accessory for Hardened Arms(tm) Handguards only.
Uncompromising Performance
The Crucible heat shield is built around a propeiteray muzzle brake design specifically for this system to control, direct, and reduce muzzle gases for the ultimate shooting experience. Utilizing a horizontal two chamber design the linear felt recoil and side to side sway is reduced resulting in greater accuracy. The designers at Hardened Arms have created a unique performance Crucible brake by taking a page from high performance brakes found on open class pistols. Utilizing brake's the Crucible brake's shared second chamber and third vertical chamber to eliminating muzzle rise. The result is a muzzle brake that is flat shooting and that delivers fast on target follow ups and consistent shot to shot performance.
Safety & Performance
A fun day can quickly go South by accidentally coming in contact with a hot muzzle. If your muzzle device makes contact with you or your clothing, the best case scenario is ruined clothing or gear and worse case a painful blistering burn. Set that hot rifle down in its case and you might melt the nylon or put it in the back of the car ( I have done this), and end up with a hole in the the carpet of the wife's SUV. Protecting your hand during use all Crucible Heat Shields come with a handstop installed on your rail.

Note: The Hardened Arms Crucible system is not designed to be used or installed on any other manufacturers rails or with any other muzzle device than the one that comes as part of the Hardened Arms system. The muzzle brake must be properly timed during installation so that the vents line up correctly with the sheild extension. Using other muzzle devices or improper installation and timing of the included muzzle brake could result in damage to the product and possible serious injury to the shooter.