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There are many advantages to the 7.62x39 caliber for the AR15 platform. The knockdown power of the AK47 round is legendary, but its reputation for accuracy in an Eastern European package is not. However, marry this legendary round to the AR15 platform and  and you will be shocked at the accuracy, muzzle velocity and energy it brings to your game. Whether you are hunting or plinking, the affordability and accuracy will WOW you! Hardened Arms LLC AR15, 7.62x39 uppers run well and are fine with steel, even better with brass cased ammo. This round brings you the best of all worlds, affordable and available ammo, tremendous knockdown power for hunting, accuracy and range.  At manufacturer direct prices we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

 We work hard to provide our customers with a first class experience, excellent value for their dollar. Making sure that you get the personal attention to detail and fast shipping and customer follow up that you expect.  Brass or Steel case full metal jacket ammo recommended for this caliber. Check out our package options, for the best ASC mags, BCG with O-ring and 7.62x39 bolt head and extractor and extended firing pin. Our 7.62x39 uppers are designed to run flawlessly!>||/span>
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