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Hardened Arms 10.5" 300 Blackout Melonited 1/8 Barrel
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Hardened Arm's LLC AR15 300 Blackout Barrels are profiled and chambered to our exacting specs right here in our machine shop in the USA. Each barrel is made from steel produced in the US. American made, button rifled barrels, stress relieved and air gauged for superb accuracy and completed with a Melonited finish for excellent durability. We use only 4150 Chrome-Moly-Vanadium, referred to in the firearm world as "machine gun steel" its quality is above industry standard, bringing you an AR15 barrel that will outlast and out-shoot most other manufacturers' products.

Barrel Specs:
10.5" HBAR Profile
Chambered in 300 Blackout
4150 Chrome Moly Steel
1 in 8 Twist Six Groove Button Rifled
Stress relieved
Air gauged
Pistol length gas system
Black Nitride / Melonite Finish
M4 Feed Ramps
5/8x24" Threaded muzzle
Manufactured in the US
.750" at gas block
.125" gas port

Our barrels are made in the USA from solid bar stock, head spaced and are ready to assemble. The 10.5 .300BLK was the original design length for the Blackout platform. Giving both maneuverability and accuracy the .300 has much more knockdown power than the standard NATO 5.56. Originally built for military use, it has become very popular in the civilian market and is a perfect round for home defense and hunting. Gas port tuned for reliability with your AR15 300 Blackout rifle or pistol using either supersonic or subsonic .300 Blackout ammo.
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