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10.5" 5.56 10" HD Quad Rail Upper
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Looking for a short pistol upper with effective medium range ballistics?

A 10.5" Hardened Arms 5.56 upper is one of the most popular configurations we make. The 10.5 inch barrel allows you to keep a carbine gas system which means a smoother running pistol over a 7.5" build. The extra length of the barrel also keeps the muzzle velocity around 2650fps for effective energy on target at medium range. Built with our 4150CMV nitrogen stress relieved barrel blanks these uppers are designed to last a lifetime.

What's in your go bag?

AR15 pistols have become a must in every AR owners collection. The 10.5" upper is the preferred ar pistol/SBR setup for law enforcement and public for quick grab and go situations. The compact size means it is easy to conceal in a medium size bag while still remaining a neutral balance to the pistol/SBR. The full length Hardened Arms quad rail provides options for all picatinny accessories that a defensive pistol wants. Enough room for a front back up sight and an aiming laser on top with additional rails at 3, 6 and 9 for angled foregrips, remote light switches and handstops means you can tailor this upper to your needs.

10.5" 5.56mm AR-15 Barreled Upper Receiver Assembly Specs:

    Hardened Arms M4 Feed Ramp Flat Top Receiver
    Black anodized mil-spec finished upper receiver
    Feed ramps for increased feeding reliability on barrel and upper
    Laser etched T-Marked upper receiver
    4150CMV Nitrogren Stress Relieved Barrel Steel
    Black Melonite/QPQ Finish
    Chambered in 5.56 NATO (will also fire .223 ammo)
    10.5" Socom Profile barrel with M4 Extension
    .750" diameter at gas block
    1/2x28 threaded
    Low profile gas block
    Barrel dimpled to secure gas block
    Carbine length gas system
    A2 flash hider
    10" Hardened Arms Quad Rail without endcap

Fits any mil-spec AR15 lower receiver.
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