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HIPERTOUCH 24, 24E, 243G, and 24C Specs Plus these Enhancements
  • Nickel Alloy Finish Applied to the Hammer and Trigger
  • Smoother Trigger Pull
  • Prolongs Useful Cycle Life
  • Can Be Easier To Clean
  • Sports a Black HIPERSHOE
  • US Pat. Nos. 8,572,880, 9,052,149 and 9,175,917, Others Pending
The HIPERTOUCH ECL4 is HIPERFIREs top-of-the-line trigger for AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles. The HIPERTOUCH name is short for HIgh PERformance TOUCH, 24 for user adjustable trigger weights. The ECL was developed as part of a 3-gun promotion. But, one must realize that this and the other triggers arent just for 3-gun. It now sports a new evocative name since its performance eclipses that of even HIPERFIREs 24C. It installs and functions just like all the HIPERTOUCH 24s
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