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Jam Nut 1/2-28 - Melonited
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Hardened Arms Jam Nuts are designed to protect your investment and still allow you to work on your upper easily. Our jam nut replaces the traditional crush washer between the muzzle device and the shoulder of the barrel muzzle threads. Typical crush washers are only good for one use and rely on the deflection of their shape to hold the muzzle device in place. This has resulted in muzzle devices that are hard to time or damage to the barrel by over torquing the crush washer. The jam nut is simply threaded on before the muzzle device against the shoulder of the barrel. Then thread on your muzzle device as far as it will go so it is timed properly with your upper. Once timed simply tighten the jam nut against the muzzle device and your good to hit the range. Designed to be used with a 13/16 wrench it even makes swapping muzzle devices out at the range quick and simple. Step into the future of muzzle device installation with a Hardened Arms Jam Nut.
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