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HD SMC- 5/8x24
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The HD SMC is a new muzzle device created with one goal in mind, muzzle control. The SMC focuses muzzle gas through a system of vent holes positioned around the brake that jet into and around a steel shroud, creating a directional venturi of gas that counter acts lateral force. Visible to the shooter as a large blast of flame directed down range, the venturi gas forces do an amazing job of eliminating side sway. The vertical top jets do away with muzzle rise almost completely, resulting in a controllable, rock steady, firing platform.
We tested the HD SMC on a 10.5" AR15 Short Barrel Rifle, under full auto conditions for law enforcement and the counter rotational gas flow kept the muzzle in place, eliminating most of the notorious, up and to the right climb associated with full auto fire. (See video) This muzzle device is not just for LEO and military though, as AR pistols and SBRs all suffer from muzzle rise. The Hardened Arms SMC is flat shooting and does away with this problem, allowing AR15 pistol and SBR owners to focus on the target rather than fighting upward muzzle forces. 

Size: 5/8x24

HD SMC- 5/8x24
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