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Frequently Asked Questions
Looking for a quick answer to a common question? Check our FAQs below, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.
Can you ship my firearm direct to me?
No, all firearms must be Shipped to your FFL.
What is an FFL.?
An "FFL." is a Federal Firearm License. All firearms sold to individuals must be transferred through a Form 4473 and proper background checks, performed in accordance with state and federal laws. Only a business that holds an FFL. can process a firearms transfer. We ship to FFL holders all over the country, where you can pick up your firearm and complete your transaction.
What does a transfer cost?
Firearm transfers for both long guns and hand guns vary depending on the FFL you are having your firearm shipped to. You will want to confirm transfer costs before you chose an FFL to work with before you provide FFL information to us on your new Hardened Arms rifle or pistol. We can get your order underway, but will not ship until we receive a copy and shipping information for the FFL you plan to ship to in your area. Hardened Arms follows all BATF regulations and does not ship firearms direct to purchasers, all purchases of firearms (serialized items) must flow through your local FFL via transfer.
What is the minimum age to own a handgun?
You must be 21 to purchase a handgun and handgun ammunition. A copy of Photo ID with Date of Birth clearly showing is required on all purchased of handguns and handgun ammunition before shipping.
What is the minimum age to own a rifle?
This is no longer an easy question to answer, as some states are working to, or have raised the minimum age to own a rifle from 18 to 21 years old. Please call your local Law Enforcement or Sheriffs office to find out what your state has in the way of age requirements.
Do you sell/transfer suppressors or Class III items?
We currently offer a Hardened Arms "Black Widow" .30 cal suppressor that is user serviceable and works beautifully on .300 blackout, 308 and 762x.39. WIn addition we can order in other brand of suppressors or Class III items for our customers. Transfer fees on all NFA items are $60 per item. These items are shipped to your FFL/SOT only.
Will your upper fit my AR15 lower?
Our AR15 uppers are designed to fit all AR15 standard mil-spec lowers. Note: Some poly lowers are extra tight and require a bit of working in order to fit any companies uppers.
Do you test fire your uppers?
All uppers are test fired prior to leaving our facility. We inspect and test fire every unit we make to be sure it cycles and performs well. In the event you have any problems with your new upper cycling with your AR15 lower, please contact us at 425-530-0837 so that we can assist you.
Should I lubricate my bolt and upper prior to firing?
We highly recommend lubrication to the bolt prior to firing. Running your upper a bit "wet" during break in is always a good idea.

Though many bolts can be run dry without damage, they are designed to be lubricated with gun oil before firing.
Your box says to use new ammo in your uppers, can I run reloads or military surplus?
While many people run reloads or military surplus through their firearms, we recommend factory new ammunition for best consistency and performance. It is impossible for us to anticipate loads, pressures and performance on reloaded ammo. Military surplus can be corrosive and inconsistent, especially in primer depth settings. This is why we recommend factory new ammo for best performance.

If you run surplus ammo, make sure you clean your barrel each time you shoot it and use a neutralizing cleaner.
What are the pros and cons of stainless vs mag phosphate vs Melonite finishes?
Stainless steel by nature is easier to keep up, smudges and light wear can be polished out to keep your barrel looking brand new. Mag phos is a great finish but is more prone to scratching.
Melonite is a very durable, hard to scratch finish which protects the outside and inside of the barrel. It is three times harder than chrome. Stainless is shiny, mag phosphate and Melonite are black.
What does HBAR stand for?
HBAR stands for "heavy" barrel and means that your barrel has a thicker profile than an M4 barrel.
What is an M4 barrel?
An M4 barrel has a cut out for an M203 grenade launcher. It is a bit lighter than other barrels since there is less material where the profile diameter is thinner for the launcher to attach.
Legal compliance?
It is incumbent upon you to confirm that your firearms purchase and any firearm parts, magazines and ammo you purchase are in compliance with your local, state and federal law.
Is there sales tax on Washington purchases?
We are required to charge sales tax on Washington purchases and on incoming transfers of firearms based on the purchase price of the firearm.
My state requires my muzzle device to be "pinned and welded" to the barrell, can you do this.
Yes, we offer "pinning and welding" services as an add on option to most upper units we sell. Call or email us for pricing if you don't see it offered on your selection.
Do you manufacture your uppers?
We currently manufacture most of our own parts for the AR-15 platform and those we don't manufacture in house are machined for us in one of our vendor machine shops to our design and specification or mil spec.

We worked hard to provide the best the industry has to offer in order to assemble a quality, high end product for you. All of our upper units are assembled at our 8,000 sq foot facility in Friday Harbor, Washington and test fired prior to shipping.
Do you stand behind you products?
We offer a Two year, from time of purchase warranty, that covers manufacturer's defects. If you have questions about your purchase, need assistance, or advice on performance or use, give us a call. We do not warrant finishes. Scuffs, scratches, range bag and holster wear as they are beyond our control. Original manufacturer warranty's may also apply on some accessories or firearms.

You can buy with confidence with us. We WANT you to call us if you have any cycling problems, malfunctions or performance issues, with one of our uppers or firearms. We are happy to assist you.

Our warranties are transferable.
Do you employ Veterans?
We appreciate the service of the dedicated men and women that have sacrificed so much to keep this country great.Several of our employees are Veterans and First Responders..

Ask about our military, law enforcement and emergency services discounts.
How Do I Brighten the Hardened Arms Logo On My Upper?
Gun oil and residue can darken the place where the engraver has etched the anodized finish. Remove the gun oil residue and the white logo will brighten up. Just take a cotton swab and a bit of Goo Be Gone and give it a gentle cleaning and then let the Goo Be Gone dry and the engraving should look like new.
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