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Frequently Asked Questions
Looking for a quick answer to a common question? Check our FAQs below, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.
Can I combine shipping?
We can manually discount shipping if we combine orders. Just give us a call when you order multiple units and we can save you a few bucks.

We are currently running about 2 weeks for shipment, we have all the parts in stock and custom build the unit when the order is placed, then it is test fired, quality inspected, boxed and shipped.

You will receive an email from UPS once the label is created with a tracking number. All shipments go insured, "adult signature" required. Ammo only ships UPS ground.
How long will it take for my order to ship?
We put shipping estimates on the website and on product descriptions. Most orders are running approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Some orders take longer depending on our volumes, world events, sales and holidays. You will get an email with tracking numbers once your order is shipped.
What carrier do you use to ship?
Completed firearms and shipments to Hawaii and Alaska go US mail. Uppers and ammo go UPS ground. We are located in the very top North West corner of the country on San Juan Island in Washington State. UPS pick up today, leaves the island tomorrow, if you are in Florida or Maine, shipping times will run longer than if you are in Oregon. Winter routes sometimes have delays due to weather. UPS guarantees us 10 day or less delivery and it is usually less.

We ship insured, signature required, and double boxed with foam padding to make sure you get what you order damage free. If you can't be home to sign for your unit, we can send it without signature, but if it is lost their will be no insurance. All firearms are shipped to licensed FFLs only signature required, you will need to pick up your firearm at their location.
Your prices seem too good to be true, how can you offer such competitve values?
The answer is simple really, we do very little through middle men and we do large volumes. As a manufacturer, we pass that savings on to you through either our dealer incentive programs or direct online orders. Keeping jobber and wholesale markups out of the channel between us keeps our value for the dollar the best in the industry.

More important than price is quality, you will be amazed at the high standard of care, finish, quality and precision we put into our products. Many people have posted online that our uppers are as good or better than many very pricey "designer label" firearms that cost many times as much. At the end of the day, we make sure you get an accurate, well built, first rate product that will stand the test of time. We guarantee it!
Do you have a dealer program?
Yes, we do offer dealer pricing and volume pricing to licensed FFLs. You can buy with confidence from us as our warranty's transfer with the sale of the unit and we stand behind every unit we sell.

Call today to get signed up.
Do you sell ammo?
*Thunderbeast Arms" products are NOT compatible with our products and Will void your warranty.
What is Sodium Nitrate or "Melonite" finish and why is it better?
Sodium Nitrate is now the preferred finish for barrels in the AR-15 world. This process bonds at the molecular level with the steel of the barrel and provides an incredibly hard and strong finish that is very wear and scratch resistant. Three times harder than chrome, and much thinner and more uniform in application it is, in our opinion a far better choice than the old mag phos, chrome lined barrel option.

It has, not surprisingly. done away with a lot of coffee table conversations about the age old question of chrome lined vs not chrome lined. Hardened Arms uses Sodium Nitrate finishes almost exclusively for barrel coatings to provide you the highest accuracy and most durable product possible and we don't up charge for it!
Should I lock tight my handguard screws?
Keeping your handguard screws tight is a part of normal range maintenance. Handguard screws are tight when shipped. We purple Locktite them as many when we assmeble your unit. If you remove the handguard to clean or maintenance your unit you will want to use a little purple (light strength) Locktite to keep them from backing out over time (do not use red Locktite) as you will end up stripping the handguard screws. We do not warrant stripped screws Locktited with red Locktite.
How do I remove my jam nut/muzzle device?
Hardened Arms does not usually use crush washers on muzzle devices as timing the muzzle device can often result in too much stress or force on your aluminum upper and barrel. We use a jam nut instead that isolates your upper from damage.
Make sure your firearm is unloaded and safe, then separate the upper and lower and put the upper only in a vice and Isolate your barrel with a leather wrap to protect it. Then put a wrench on the jam nut and hold it steady and use another wrench on the muzzle device to loosen it. We use Harbor Freight wrenches here to do this as they are thin profile. To install your new muzzle device, make sure your firearm is unloaded, separate upper and lower and isolate the barrel in a vise. Turn the jam nut all the way down, thread the muzzle device on and time to the position you want and tighten the jam nut against it. If you are unsure of how to safely work on your firearm seek the help of or have a qualified gunsmith install your muzzle device for you.
You have some cool muzzle devices, please explain the difference between an SMC and an LMC?
Hardened Arms is an innovator and the LMC and SMC muzzle devices are a good example of innovative product offerings each with a separate purpose. The LMC (Linear Muzzle Compensator) is designed to push the blast and noise of an AR15 rifle or pistol down range away from the shooter. The SMC (Short Muzzle Compensator) is a muzzle brake that is used to dampen muzzle rise that is commonly felt as an "up and to the right" movement. The SMC is especially effective on AR15 pistols and short barrel rifles.
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