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Don't take our word for it! Read what our customers have to say about the high quality product, customer service and and value we offer here at Hardened Arms.
Jason B.
Can't tell you how much I appreciate HA's drive to satisfy. I would pit your company against any of its class and would be confident that HA would come out on top!
Joshua T.
Thank you very much. You guys went above and beyond the normal scope of customer service. I'm grateful and you will definitely be getting more business out of me and I'll tell my friends how good of an experience I had!
John L.
I would like to say after installing he 5.56 upper from your company, I am super pleased with its overall look, function, and performance. You have definitely made a new customer and I look forward to doing future builds with Hardened. Thanks again.
Josh in Va
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and craftsmanship of the 10.5" pistol upper in 556.
Very sharp looking upper that fits like a glove on my lower. It was very clean for a new piece and very comfortable to work with.

My friend who I bought all my guns from at a local shop took a better position at a military supplier so I found you guys and you are now my go to place for all my ar platform parts, lowers, uppers and more.
I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about ordering from this place to do so.
Great quality , great customer service, and making gun prices great again !
Thomas F
Once again you guys have impressed me. I'll likely put in another order in the next couple of weeks, and I'll give you a call. Thanks again Nancy! You guys rock!
Frank P
Thank you it is great arrived today and better than i hoped it is beautiful
and purrs like a kitten went right out and tested it and all i can say is thank you and wow i will be ordering again soon thank you.
Constable Thomas P
I actually carry this weapon on duty with me. I have shot over 1200 rounds without a flaw. Pray I never have to use this weapon, but if I must, I know it will work.... thank you for producing a great product for a great price. GOD BLESS THE GREAT STATE IF TEXAS......!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the e-mail and additional information regarding Hardened Arms products. I have been very impressed with the customer service from Hardened Arms, particularly since I have not even purchased anything yet. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the week.
James K
Thx a ton nancy. Awesome customer service.
Dan G
Thank you so much for the information and quick response. I have ordered from y'all in the past and was VERY!! satisfied with the products and most of all your companies customer service. I will continue to order all my rifle needs from y'all in the future. Thanks again for setting the bar high for all of your competition.
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