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Craig H
Love this upper. It is a tack driver with 72 to 75 grain bullets, not too picky which brand it eats, but 75 gr. Hornady BTHPs are exceptionally accurate.
David B
Thank you so much for the resolution to my issue altough I know it seems petty I really appreciate your time and effort to make it right in a first time customer and now a life time customer your customer service is amazing I am looking forward to receiving the 15 inch rail and promptly returning the 10 inch thank you so much for all your help and I will be ordering again from you in two weeks as I still need a bolt carrier group to finish my build thanks again for your time and your amazing customer service
David Blair
Trelawny B
Good evening, I just wanted to take time out to say how great my experience was dealing with Hardened Arms. I purchased an upper a few weeks ago and had a few questions. Nancy answered every single question and was extremely polite in doing so. She even returned my phone call as promised. That may not sound big, but I deal with a lot of dealers and that is less common than you think. I was so happy with my experience that I have just purchased another upper from you guys/gals. I have also done a review on your product and will be doing one on this one as well. I will be continuing to do business with y'all for a long time. Thank you Nancy, and Hardened Arms for such a great experience!
Brad A
Thanks for the awesome service and the upper I oder was perfect you will have all my business in the future and I'm spreading the word to all my friends thanks again for the awesome service you provided me
Steve W
Purchased a 6.5 Grendel upper. It mounted perfect. No play at all. Walked the scope into the bull then fired 4 rounds with no adjustment to check for group. Had a smile on my face when I saw all 4 cutting holes with factory loads! Nice job hardened arms crew!!
Bob S
My first order arrived yesterday. WOW, these uppers are fantastic. Very good quality material and craftsmanship. Your packaging is amazing . I will definitely be ordering additional material in the future. I look forward to selling your product.
Jessyka U
I bought a 7.5 complete upper on the current sales, the price was too good to be true, but when the upper arrived I was impressed by the quality and fit. This upper shot flawlessly, I read about 7.5 uppers unreliability but this hardened arms pistol upper is perfect. Will be buying soon again from Hardened Arms.
Damien W
Thank you Julie! I really appreciate all of your help. I want to thank you for the speedy process and the hassle free return. Its because of your great customer service that I will continue to shop with you. Have a wonderful day!
Harold H
Hardened Arms is one of the best companies I have ever ordered from. The several uppers I have received have been great. Thank you for great service .
Ryan N
Oh I'm sure you all have a severely low turn over! Lol! Would retire from there lol (deaf) ! Haha but I dang sure wouldn't quit until I pass away lol !

Thank you so much again for the patience during my questioning, getting me the answers, the comfortable feeling with the order, again the patience through much more of my questioning after the order, the unbelievably quicker than quoted build and ship time, and the tshirt soon to come!!! It's 360degree quality, we already know what I think about my AR 😍😂!
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